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Psyonix detail Rocket League 2019 Spring roadmap and S9 rewards

Published: 14:31, 24 January 2019
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Psyonix have posted an update on the Rocket League website detailing the roadmap for February and March 2019, along with competitive rewards for Season 9. There are some shiny new wheels to be had depending on how high you can climb.

According to Psyonix's post, February is filled to the brim with exciting things for Rocket League players. Competitive Season 9 will conclude and Season 10 will commence during this month. Those who competed in Season 9 will be eligible for rewards, depending on how well the placed.

The rewards are as follows: 

  • Bronze I - Bronze Wheels
  • Silver I - Silver Wheels + lower rank wheels
  • Gold I - Gold Wheels + lower rank wheels
  • Platinum I - Platinum Wheels + lower rank wheels
  • Diamond I - Diamond Wheels + lower rank wheels
  • Champion I - Champion Wheels + lower rank wheels

All of the wheels can be previewed on the image below, or on the . Meanwhile, Grand Champions will receive all of the aforementioned wheel rewards, but they will also be eligible for additional title rewards, with variations depending on game modes.

  • Competitive Grand Champions will get the "Grand Champion" in-game title
  • Rumble Grand Champions get "RNG Champ" in-game title
  • Dropshot Grand Champions get "Floor Destroyer" in-game title
  • Hoops Grand Champions get "Dunk Master" in-game title
  • Snow Day Grand Champion get "Blizzard Wizard" in-game title

As we mentioned previously, February is filled with things other than just Season 9 rewards. Season 10 will kick off and a brand new in-game event will happen. More importantly, February is the designated month for incorporating the friends list system, that was previously called RocketID. This also means cross-platform parties will finally be available after a prolonged wait.

Psyonix GIF image showing the rewards for Season 9 in Rocket League Rocket League - Season 9 wheel rewards

February will also bring new loot boxes and in-game music, while March will add more licensed DLC, but Psyonix didn't specify wich universe crossover will be featured this time around. Rocket Pass 2 will end in March and Rocket Pass 3 will be announced soon. 

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