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Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary update for Switch to bring fixes for Xbox One and PS4

Published: 16:36, 16 August 2021
Updated: 21:20, 16 August 2021
Hopoo Games
Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary update for Switch
Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary update for Switch

Upcoming Risk of Rain 2 Anniversary update for Switch will ship with some fixes baked in. A patch meant to address the same problems on Xbox One and PS4 will launch at the same time.

Hopoo Games' rougelite Risk of Rain 2 got its anniversary update for consoles which introduced a new survivor, some fresh stages, new monsters and a large, neve-before seen boss at the end of June. The then-new update also brought some issues which will hopefully be patched up when the Anniversary Update arrives to Switch.

The Switch version of the Anniversary Update will ship alongside the patch aimed at the hiccups on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both will be available on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Those who play Risk of Rain 2 on Switch can rest easy knowing that the upcoming update will not wreck their device and come with the known issues already taken care of.

Risk of Rain Anniversary update for Switch

According to the official Risk of Rain Twitter account, the update for Switch will be the same content-wise as on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This means a slew of changes, slight tweaks and bonus content. The additions will come in the form of Bandit, who underwent some refits to make him more suited for the sequel.

Bandit and a new coat of paint aside, Risk of Rain 2 will, starting tomorrow, feature a new boss, character and stage updates, new skill variants (equip three different skills), stackable items and the mentioned quality of life improvements: AI, new challenges, performance optimisations and more.

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