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Riot Games donates Lol and Valorant proceeds to Ukraine as humanitarian relief

Published: 06:32, 08 March 2022
Riot Games
Picture of Riot Games' new logo
Riot Games' new logo

The world has been getting upended upside down the last couple of years repeatedly, with the latest event being the war in Ukraine. Riot are keen on making their mark in helping the people that have been hit the hardest.

The war in Ukraine has caused an expanding humanitarian crisis. Since it began, people all around the world that they want to help, and so do Riot Games.

From March 5 to March 12 all proceeds from battle pass sales for VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift, as well as the new Bee skin line in League of Legends, will be donated to support humanitarian relief efforts in the region. 

In addition to the player supported fundraiser, Riot will be donating $1M across three humanitarian nonprofits: 

  • International Medical Corps,
  • Doctors Without Borders,
  • Polish Red Cross.

Riot Games League of Legends: Wild Rift official splash with champion Ziggs League of Legends: Wild Rift

All proceeds from both Riot’s donation and the player fundraiser will directly support humanitarian relief in Ukraine and other affected areas. With the harrowing images the world has been getting continuously from Ukraine, hopefully, this will make a difference in the lives of the affected people, as much as it's possible.

As for the rest of us, who have wanted to but have been unsure about how we could be of help, well, this is the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Get ourselves some skins and power passes, have the money be donated, and feel good about ourselves while doing so.

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