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Rick Fox made it to Iron 1 in League of Legends

Published: 20:59, 11 November 2019
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Rick Fox, the former co-owner of EchoFox, has been notoriously stuck at the bottom of League of Legends competitive ladder but he seems to be slowly climbing it. His team may have gone away but Fox's dedication to climbing the ranks remains.

Rick Fox's climb from the lowest division of League of Legends ranked ladder came to prominence at the very end of May 2019 when he got promoted from Iron 4 to Iron 3 and posted a screenshot of the on his Twitter.

Many high-profile Twitter accounts that are connected to League of Legends one way or another reacted to EchoFox's founder and co-owner's climb which brought a lot of attention and garnered a bit of a cult following of the adventure on social media.

Just over five months, EchoFox's demise and one World Championship later, Fox posted on his Twitter again, proving that he which is the highest tier of Iron division. Should he climb that tier, he will be promoted to Bronze which has been Fox's objective since the beginning. 

Considering it is the end of the Season 9 on 19 November 2019, chances are that Fox will have to climb into Bronze during Season 10. While one could think of the climb from Iron to Bronze as not much of an achievement, Fox's dedication proved that elo hell can indeed be surpassed and skills can be improved.

This is especially commendable in Fox's case as he had to deal not only with salty teammates but the demise of the team he founded throughout those five and a half months. 

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Since the loss of such an investment is much worse than losing a single game, it may be a tale worth remembering the next time you are about to get tilted by your Yasuo feeding the enemy mid laner. Dedication and calm mind can achieve much more than one would think.

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