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Need for Speed Payback is rolling out a free roam mode

Published: 17:04, 13 February 2018
Updated: 17:10, 13 February 2018
Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback's new game mode named Alldrive will let people explore Fortune Valley and encounter up to 7 other players in the same session. This will allow for small scale car meets with your crew.

Need for Speed: Payback may not have been the successful game or the successful lootbox based money sink EA hoped for but it made enough money not to get buried right away. Ghost Games still supports the title and with the February update they brought players a long awaited free roam mode - AllDrive. Well the first part of it, named AllDrive: Hangouts.

EA confirmed on their official website that the update will get launched on 13 February 2018, simultaneously on PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other than AllDrive, the update added Catch-up packs, ability to sell or trade in unused Speed Cards, a pile of underglow customizations items and improvements to Snapshot Pro, the in-game camera mode.

EA Need for Speed Payback
Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed: Paycheck has been shedding players ever since its release for plethora of reasons - microtransactions that alter your progress, no classic tune up shops in order to make your car modding lootbox based, Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R's postponed arrival, being released (and published by EA) during the Battlefront 2 lootbox disaster, and many more sins still unaccounted for, but Ghost Games stuck with their title and the quality of life improvements mentioned earlier are the result.

AllDrive will let you and your friends have small scale car meets but don't expect them to be the same caliber as Daikoku car meets. Catch-up packs will let you improve car performance much faster once you unlock them, either through campaign progression or in-game currency, and players will finally have the option to get rid of unwanted Speed Cards.

EA Need for Speed Payback
Need for Speed Payback

In-game camera will now finally let players take photos during takedown sequences for those high octane explosive screenshots that will make us feel like we're in a Fast & Furious movie. The game still doesn't have submarine chases though. Maybe it's for the best.

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