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Resident Evil Village PS5 version reportedly causing development issues

Published: 09:40, 18 September 2020
Resident Evil Village key art
Resident Evil Village

According to a reliable industry insider Dusk Golem, PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil 8 Village is still struggling and causing issues in development. PC and Xbox Series X versions run fine at the moment, he claims.

Speculation about Resident Evil Village's poor performance on PlayStation 5 started to appear shortly after the game was officially revealed at the PlayStation 5 event earlier this year. Many players noticed big frame-rate drops in certain scenes which is certainly a cause for concern. 

A reliable industry insider Dusk Golem commented on these issues recently, by saying that the PS5 version of the game is indeed struggling. In his latest tweets, he explained the reason behind this and when exactly development problems started to emerge.

Dusk Golem says that at the start of 2020, Resident Evil Village was a "100 per cent a cross-gen game, aiming to release in January 2021". However, the devs wanted to use the loading speed of the next-gen consoles to re-introduce certain scenes that were cut from the game because of the current-gen consoles' slow loading. 

The focus on next-gen also allowed Capcom to do a lot more in terms of graphical fidelity with improved shadows, effects and character models. Dusk Golem claims that things went downhill after that since the next-gen improvements are causing a lot of problems and are affecting the PS5 version. On the other hand, PC and Xbox Series X versions are doing fine.

The insider claims that the devs are debating if they should go all-in on next-gen for all the benefits the new hardware brings or cut back to make the game more widely available.  "They've even been giving some questionnaires to testers including asking about the next-gen or cross-gen focus," Dusk Golem claims.

As always with leaks and rumours, you should take this with a grain of salt but Dusk Golem is one of the most reliable insiders out there so it would not surprise us if this is actually true. 

PlayStation 5 may be less powerful than Xbox Series X and PC but it's still more than capable of delivering a stellar performance so it's really surprising to see these reports. Hopefully, Capcom manage to optimise the game without any compromises. 

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