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Resident Evil Village leak: Giant spider boss fight, enemy details and more

Published: 12:35, 29 July 2020
Resident Evil: Village creature
Resident Evil Village, we think he's protesting loot boxes!

A ton of new Resident Evil 8 details have been leaked via a game tester who decided to share some exciting info about the boss fight, enemy types, environment and much much more.

Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil 8 is one of the most anticipated next-gen games ever since Capcom revealed that sinister trailer at the PlayStation 5 show. We know from the official channels that Resident Evil Village will be a first-person game set after the events of Resident Evil 7. Once again, players are put in the boots of Ethan, who is trying to protect his family in a snowy European village.

Today, we have brand new details about the game, revealed by BioHazard Declassified via RelyonHorror The new information comes from a Resident Evil Ambassador playtester, who got the play the game recently. Before you dive into it, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt and treat it as a rumour. Here are the important bits:


  • Enemies are very pale with rotten skin and tattoos. 
  • Some have armour which can be shot off.
  • Enemies speak in a distorted foreign language. 
  • Some carry daggers, swords axes and even spears.
  • Others are unarmed but can jump and grab and bite.
  • Players can button-mash to take less damage during the attack.
  • Enemies can also throw Ethan to the ground.
  • Enemy with a sword can instantly behead Ethan.


  • There's a Witch named Olga which is one of the bosses.
  • Olga can release a swarm of insects.
  • Players won't have to fight the insects unless Olga spots Ethan.
  • Olga would laugh constantly whenever she spots Ethan.
  • During the boss fight, players can use a torch to scare off insects and expose Olga to shoot her.
  • Olga transforms into an insect, spider-like creature with long legs, and releases more insects.
  • Once defeated, Olga melts and drops an item.

Capcom Resident Evil Village setting Resident Evil Village, the Village


  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Unbreakable knife
  • Temporary melee weapons like an axe that is broken off after a few hits


  • The inventory screen is similar to Resident Evil 4 concept with Resident Evil 7 UI design
  • The game is paused when viewing the inventory
  • Enemies did not drop items during the demo
  • Crates and vases were breakable and contain items
  • There was no currency during the demo

Resident Evil Village, Capcom's next Resident Evil tale

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Resident Evil Village, I spy with my little eye

Additionally, the leak also states that a brand new trailer is coming in August, which could be true since Sony's PS5 event is next month. And last but certainly not least, the leaker claims that a VR version of the game is in development but won't be announced until Sony "are ready".

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