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Resident Evil: Village has Chris doing some dubious things

Published: 18:26, 17 October 2020
Resident Evil 8 artwork showing snowy village
Resident Evil 8

Picking up after Resident Evil 7, RE:Village will continue with Chris Redfield's odd life choices, according to the head honchos of the game.

Resident Evil 7 was creepy, as a horror game should be, but also weird during the finale and we are not talking about the final boss or the weird family you get grappled into. If you don't want spoilers about RE7, you should turn back now, since we are about to unload them and RE: Village plot will build on them.

When the final boss is beaten, Chris Redfield comes to evacuate Ethan Winters but the weird part is that he's arriving with cavalry composed of Umbrella troops. The man who dedicated his life to fighting this particular corporation in all other iterations is now riding with them.

Resident Evil: Village will continue with Chris' oddities since he will apparently deliver Ethan to the eponymous village here. On top of that, it appears that this wasn't a deal between them or anything along those lines since Ethan will just wake up in the village after being unconscious "for an undetermined period of time".

This piece of information comes from Famitsu magazine, relayed by Alex Aniel on Twitter. The thread continues with more information about the villagers who appear to be worshipping some unnatural force and dangerous creatures are protecting them. 

One villager in a trench coat has a tone that implies he wants to sell something, which could be a nice throwback to RE4 where Leon is also dealing with odd villagers and purchasing guns and curios from one such individual.

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