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Resident Evil 2 ships 3 million copies in first week on shelves

Published: 07:30, 29 January 2019
Leon, one of Resident Evil 2 protagonists, fighting a zombie
Resident Evil 2

It's no news that Resident Evil 2's remake has been eagerly anticipated, both by the old sods who still remember its first iteration and those who hopped aboard on later instalments, and the numbers concur as Capcom just confirmed.

Writing in their latest press release, Capcom said that Resident Evil 2's remake has shipped 3 million PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units globally.

That the game will be a hit was already clear from the moment the demo of Resident Evil 2 was made available, racking up in no time. Capcom now announced that the demo was downloaded 4.7 million times. 

Capcom also reminded that cumulative sales of the entire franchise currently stand at 88 million copies since the first Resident Evil launched back in 1966. That's enough for the entire Democratic Republic of Congo to get into Resident Evil, with a few million leftover copies for journalists to fumble around with before they give it a 10 or whatever.

In case you remember the original Resident Evil 2, get ready to feel old. Capcom's game has become the best-selling boxed game for the second time, after slightly less than 21 years since it hit Sony's first PlayStation.

"Capcom used its cutting-edge R&D facilities to build the game completely from the ground up for current-generation game platforms. In addition to visual effects, including detailed, photo-realistic graphics made possible with RE ENGINE", the company wrote.

Indeed, as Capcom went all out to make Resident Evil 2 feel same while looking different, a task that's regularly easier said than done. We won't spoil anything but know that most of the old version's staple-scares have been rearranged to fit the new game, which Capcom handled better than their entire Monster Hunter: World PC port.

Capcom A zombie from Resident Evil 2 with half its face chewed off Resident Evil 2

Judging by the general reaction, it's no wonder fans are either asking for Resident Evil 3 remake, expecting it, or both, but whatever Capcom , we do believe they're when it comes to planning for more remakes.

You can find Capcom's announcement .

Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom's return to an absolute classic

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Resident Evil 2

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