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Capcom have sold 4 million copies of Resident Evil 2

Published: 06:54, 27 February 2019
A zombie from Resident Evil 2 with half its face chewed off
Resident Evil 2

Capcom's press release from the end of January 2019 had shown that the company's remake of Resident Evil 2 was off to a great start, with 3 million sold in the first week alone, and now it's time to add another million to that number.


So as to mark the occasion, the company released a video called Resident Evil 2: Roundtable, where the development team are seen celebrating the launch and spilling their guts, all the while not knowing they were being recorded.

For starters, there seem to have been some tears over Resident Evil 2's Metacritic rating. Many of the devs admitted to it being their first score over 90 in 20 years in the games industry, so it's no wonder.

It turns out that about half of the team opposed the idea of Resident Evil 2's one shot demo over fears of spoiling the game. In the end, it worked out magnificently, both with the launch timing and the amount of teased gameplay, as evidenced by in less than 2 weeks.

Capcom's announcement that the change in cameras will bring about changes from the actual game was slightly unnerving at the time, as the 1998 classic has more than one instantly recognisable scene that was almost too sacred to touch.

The team came through though and are quite proud of the licker scene, which both changed and stayed the same, if it makes any sense. In short, a great remaking job. 

Having become experts in creating horror scenes, Capcom's team joked about how Resident Evil 2's producer Jun Takeuchi called them "numb" to these things, as they apparently took it so far on a few occasions that the higher-ups called it "vulgar".

Capcom Claire, one of two protagonists from Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake Resident Evil 2

We've already reported on Resident Evil 2 cracking 3 million , but it's obviously time to set some new, higher goals now. Seeing as how the original game sold 4.96 million on PlayStation consoles, it looks like a good milestone to aim for, albeit at this tempo - it won't take long to beat that one either.

You can find Capcom's tweet in question .

Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom's return to an absolute classic

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Resident Evil 2

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