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Who is set to voice Red Dead Redemption 2?

Published: 16:11, 02 December 2016
Updated: 16:25, 09 December 2016

Voices are key to setting the atmosphere for the latest instalment of the Red Dead Redemption series

Idle tittle-tattle is not something that comes naturally to Altchar, however we are never ones to miss out on a line of business and so this week we find ourselves working at that most reviled of institutions - the rumour mill.

Stooping to such depths is only worth it if the reward matches the endeavour of course - and we feel it does in this case.

According to one well-placed gaming industry source, Rockstar Games have put out feelers to the god of Westerns, Clint Eastwood, for a cameo role in Red Dead Redemption 2.

What's that you say? Isn't he dead? Or just a Trump supporter? Well no, and yes. Whatever his political stances, his stature as an actor remains undiminished. It's no small irony that the Man With No Name is actually a rather big one. And we'd love to see his languid, dangerous, shadow cast over what will be one of THE releases of 2017.

Of course, Rockstar have no need of such a marquee name attached to the project - it will be a commercial success regardless. However, Mr Eastwood would be the icing on the cactus cake.

Also, we rather like the fact that an actor being whispered about for a voice-only role is also famous for getting his character's dialogue in A Fistful of Dollars actually cut back to make him more mysterious. 

So, who else would we like to feature in RDR2? We already know that Rob Wiethoff has hung up his acting spurs and will not voice Jack Marston - and that's if Jack Marston features at all. You know, because he should be dead if it's a sequel and not a prequel.

However, diverting from the main character path, here are a few suggestions of our own we think would add to the lonesome environment of RDR2.

Norman Reedus: He confuses the girls by being odd-looking and sexy at the same time, but the The Walking Dead star certainly has the voice for a blood soaked Western action-adventure game. And he's got voice-acting pedigree in the gaming world - he will be in Death Stranding for example.

Sam Elliot: Where most people have a larynx, Sam Elliott has a sun-parched plain. His deep desert drawl is most famous from The Big Lebowski, and we can think of few voices we'd rather hear in RDR2. If you don't know him, think horse stew strained through a thick moustache.

Kurt Russell: Why Kurt Russell? Because he can sound like he despises you, and everyone you've ever met. He speaks, and venom appears in your coffee. Also, he's tired of your shit. Straight away.

Walton Goggins: We know RDR2 is probably going to be set out west, but we love a bit of Way Down South and Goggins - who starred in The Hateful Eight and Machete Kills among others - can speak so southern you'd think he was dropped on his head as a baby, right into a bucket of grits.




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