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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version mentioned in Social Club code

Published: 10:16, 05 July 2019
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Red Dead Online item Ancient Tomahawk
Red Dead Online, Ancient Tomahawk

A Twitter user who goes by the name of JakoMako51 noticed a line in Social Club source code that mentions Red Dead Redemption 2 PC achievements. It's unknown if this refers to the PC version of the game or something else entirely.

Rumours about Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version just won't go away. While the PC release is yet to be confirmed Rockstar Games, there were a couple of clues about the development like the one where a developer accidentally revealed that PC version was in the works in his LinkedIn portfolio.

The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 PC clue was spotted by a Twitter user who goes by the name of JakoMako51. He noticed that in Rockstar's Social Club source code, there is a reference to "RDR2_PC_Accomplishments". Now, the "PC" part doesn't necessarily mean that it's referring to a PC version of the game. It could be something else entirely like "player character" for example.

Of course, many excited PC players completely ignored this possibility and are already decided that the line is referring to Red Dead Redemption 2's arrival on the master race platform.

The context of the source code also adds fuel to the speculation. The PC line comes just before PS4 Trophies line, which suggests that it could indeed refer to the platform and achievements.

Rockstar Games are yet to respond to this leak and it wouldn't surprise us if they remain silent, just like they refused to comment on earlier rumours about the PC version of the game.

Rockstar never officially denied that Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version exists which gives PC players hope that one day, the may release it with potentially, some graphical enhancements and further additions.

Earlier this year, Australian retailer even listed the game for Nintendo Switch, which would be a truly remarkable achievement in terms of optimisation. There are also some rumours that Google Stadia could bring the game to PC. You can read more about that .

Rockstar red dead online screenshot showing a man in black coat and hat holding a gun Red Dead Online

Take a closer look at JakoMako51 findings on his .

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