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Red Dead Online gets Explorer Care Package and new clothing items

Published: 18:55, 09 July 2019
Rockstar Games
red dead online screenshot showing female in bandana and red outfit, shooting a gun
Red Dead Online

Rockstar have introduced a couple of new items to Red Dead Online in this week's update. Those who complete a total of 10 Daily Challenges will get the Explorer Care Package, which includes arrows, Varmint Cartridges and cooking items.

Red Dead Online is set for another weekly update, and Rockstar Games have detailed these additions and changes in the latest blog post. The biggest addition comes for those who love to complete their daily challenges. Named, Explorer Care Package, this reward will be available to players who complete a total of 10 Daily Challenges before 16 July 2019. 

The Explorer Care Package contains 60 Poison Arrows and 100 rounds of Varmint Cartridges - a .22 calibre rounds you can use to hunt smaller animals such as rabbits to avoid destroying their carcass.

Other items that are included in the Explorer Care Package are Thyme, Wild Mint and Oregano, which can be used for Dead Eye, Health and Stamina respectively. And last but not least, you'll get Live Crickets and Live Worms for fishing and 5 tins of Jolly Jack's that fully restore your Dead Eye.

This week's update also introduces new clothing items in The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Permanently, the double-breasted machine sewn red Durham Coat is now available in stores. The Riggs Fringe Coat and Fieldwork Hat are also new additions.

For those who love snowy parts of Red Dead Online map, there's the new furry Cossack Hat, while those who prefer a bit wilder and colourful look can go for the Gardenia Hat, that is making a return to the store.

Rockstar red dead online screenshot showing a man in black coat and hat holding a gun Red Dead Online

Rockstar also mentioned that those who link their Social Club account to Twitch prime and claim their benefits until 19 July 2019 will get RDO$300 and the Superior Ammo Bundle which includes the following items.

  • 30 x Dynamite Arrows
  • 60 x Incendiary Buckshot Ammo
  • 30 x Volatile Fire Bottles
  • 200 x Express Pistol Ammo
  • 200 x Express Revolver Ammo
  • 200 x Express Repeater Ammo
  • 200 x Express Rifle Ammo

If the package looks great to you, link your Rockstar Games Social Club account to Twitch .

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