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Red Dead Online gets Call to Arms, offers chunky rewards

Published: 15:04, 10 August 2021
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games updated Red Dead Online with the latest content drop, the Survival game mode that is named Call to Arms and it offers a ton of currency but has a cooldown as well.

Call to Arms introduced the biggest payout any Red Dead Online activity has seen so far. Those familiar with Survival from GTAO will know what it's all about - there are 10 waves of enemies, you have a brief respite between the waves and they get progressively harder to fend off.

Upon completing all 10 waves, the players are awarded a whopping ~$860, three Gold Bars and around 6,000 experience. These rewards are massive by the RDO standards but the game is notorious for being stingy with rewards, which is one of the reasons why it never reached the stardom of GTA Online.

While this treasure trove sounds really good, it appears it's not merely a fluke on Rockstar's part that would allow players to get rich quickly. One of the mechanics to prevent players from farming Call to Arms is the cooldown that the mission has. Everyone will need to sit out for 45 minutes before being able to do another one, regardless of which wave turned out to be the final for you.

That said, even those who didn't manage to complete all 10 waves reported pretty good rewards. Wiping out at 9th wave, for example, awards ~$350, 2.4 Gold Bars and around 4,000 experience which is still more than any other activity offers.

Red Dead Online

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Red Dead Online

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