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Rainbow Six Siege: Valkyrie is getting her Elite skin next week

Published: 16:51, 05 May 2018
Updated: 10:48, 24 September 2018
War photographer Valkyrie is posing for a photograph in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie

Ubisoft have teased the upcoming Valkyrie skin on official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter, ahead of its release on 7 May 2018. The short video shows Valkyrie in a war torn city where she pops up with her favourite instrument - a camera.

Unlike Valkyrie's high tech "Black Eye" cameras that she uses in-game, the camera shown in the video is more traditional. She seems to be dressed as a war correspondent which is still a style that can somewhat blend in with the game's tactical atmosphere, unlike IQ's elite skin which consists of a jogging tracksuit.

Speaking of IQ's tracksuit, both IQ's and Valkyrie's elite skins were leaked at the same time, but Ubisoft's is the first official footage of the latter. The video also shows the animation that will serve as Valkyrie's winning screen move. It's an amusing one, but IQ's pyjamas at least wins in the animation department.

According to the reactions on Twitter, players seem to be ecstatic about this skin, with most of them being barely able to rein their wallets in. Some players are already calling for the next elite skin as well, which pretty much sums up the massive contrast of reactions towards Valkyrie's elite skin compared to IQ's.

Until players' thirst for more elite skins is quenched, they can enjoy in otherwise new content, as the recently announced operation Para Bellum should be arriving in early June. Ubisoft haven't officially confirmed a release date for the next operation but they've clumsily it with the announcement about limiting the time players have to purchase operation themed gear.

The release date leak is just the latest in a of that previously revealed the operators' gadets, looks, voices and possibly weapons. One takeaway from these leaks is that the bulletproof camera will not be an operator-specific gadget, as both Alibi and Maestro are heard deploying it in the voiceover leak.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Italian operator Alibi standing next to her holograms. Rainbow Six Siege Alibi

Either way, Rainbow Six: Leakfest seems to still have a pile of new content in store for us. It looks like Ubisoft weren't kidding when they announced they wanted as many as 100 operators in the game.

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