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Rainbow Six Siege update rebalances both attackers and defenders

Published: 12:37, 29 January 2019
Picture of Caveira, Mute, Doc and Tachanka
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft have rolled out an update that rebalances both attacker and defender operators, in order to normalise their win rates. Aside from MP5, the biggest changes happened to Caveira and Clash, in the forms of nerfs and buffs, respectively.

Caveira has been probably the biggest annoyance for Rainbow Six Siege's attackers, ever since Ela's nerfs got her in line. Ubisoft have decided to give her similar treatment, but they didn't take her Impact Grenades away. They opted to nerf Luison, Caveira's iconic sidearm that allows her to do near-instant kills and interrogate attackers.

Luison's damage was reduced from 99 to 65 and its falloff damage has been adjusted. On top of that, the weapon's recoil and spread have both been increased. Therefore, Caveira will have a harder time killing targets at medium range and will have to rely on her Silent Step in order to sneak up on attackers and kill or incapacitate them at nearly point blank range.

She will still be able to two-shot any operator, provided she doesn't aim at their legs. Lightly wounded attackers may take two shots to go down though, as there is a 35 health window that can save them from being interrogated. Unless they get shot again, that is.

While Caveira was prospering before the nerfs, Clash found herself at the other end of the spectrum. Previous buffs to the operator apparently didn't help her win rate too much, so Ubisoft made her SPSMG9 a fully automatic weapon and increased its damage to from 30 to 33. To compensate for the faster fire rate, her total ammunition went from 121 to 161.

These buffs will likely make Clash a force to be reckoned with and an operator you can't simply run away from and ignore. If it's not her crowd control shield zapping you, there will be a high chance of getting lead poisoning from her SMG.

Ubisoft Picture of Clash, a new operator in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Clash

Doc and Rook were top performing defenders as well, so Ubisoft kicked them in the shins by reducing the damage of their MP5 from 30 to 27. Meanwhile, Kaid saw some love with his AUG, and can now aim down its sights 33 per cent faster than before.

Ubisoft also , all of which you can see on the provided link.

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