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Rainbow Six Siege trailer teases Thorn, the new agent and her gadget

Published: 01:39, 04 November 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Thorn
Rainbow Six Siege - Thorn

Ubisoft revealed a few more details about the upcoming operator in Rainbow Six Siege, including her gadget, but there is still a lot left to the imagination.

Brianna "Thorn" Skehan, is the upcoming Defender in Rainbow Six Siege 's Operation High Calibre. Unlike the series of operators from the somewhat overused fictional PMC, she is hailing from an actual real-world law enforcement counterpart - Gardai

Besides that tiny bit of background, there are a few other details that are known about Thorn. For example, it was previously teased that she will be carrying a .50 cal SMG, which turned out to be SMG5 MK2. The name might not sound familiar at first but it appears to be a version of the IMI Uzi, rechambered in .50 GI. There is currently no info on how many bullets the weapon can hold in a magazine but given the high calibre, it's likely this will be a low-capacity, high-damage weapon.

The latest teaser also revealed Thorn's gadget and probable namesake - a grenade that explodes into a pile of splinters that is bound to be a pain for the attackers who are caught flat-footed. Given the aggressive nature of the gadget, it's fairly safe to assume Thorn will not have the anchor stats and will sport either two or three-speed.

We will know for sure on Monday, November 8, 2021, when the full reveal happens on Ubisoft's channels.

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