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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge gameplay leak reveals Oryx, Iana

Published: 17:52, 15 February 2020
Rainbow Six Siege operator Oryx
Rainbow Six Siege, Oryx

In what seems to be a mixup on Ubisoft's Facebook page, Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Void Edge got its gameplay reveal leaked a day earlier than it was supposed to. Not that we mind, as it does show Oryx and Iana, new operators.

"A new force of destruction is coming in Operation Void Edge, and his name is Oryx. He's a defender and in addition to crashing through soft walls and sturdy Frenchmen, he can also perform other feats of athletic prowess", the leak says. 

Oryx is a Jordanian Operator, whose Remah Dash ability lets him enter a quick sprint that helps him leave the other Operators in the dust. These run on charges that reset to zero once you smash through walls, and he can also jump up and grab onto hatches - choosing to look around or drop back down.

His speed is not just about running around- Oryx can knock people to the ground, which includes Montagne and other shield bearers. Additionally, he can smash through barricades and unreinforced walls, but be aware that it takes a toll on his health - so easy with the smashing.  

Next up is Iana, who uses her holographic skills to bedazzle opponents although it won't uncover their position should they shoot at her. Naturally, you'll know it's her hologram when it's probably too late, but it's definitely something Rainbow Six Siege players will have to think about. 

This Dutch Rainbow Six Siege operator's hologram lets you scout traps without triggering them and unsettles the whole defensive setup, as it's identical to the real Iana, meaning footsteps and all minus the damage-dealing potential. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege operator Iana Rainbow Six Siege, Iana

Iana's hologram is really flimsy and one bullet will take care of it, but you can also recognise it by the lack of warm body glow. Moreover, the actual Rainbow Six Siege Iana will have to remain stationary while holograming around, so at least you're safe from her actual damage. 

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