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Rainbow Six Siege introduces Leon Kennedy skin

Published: 23:47, 17 August 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Lion Elite set
Rainbow Six Siege - Lion Elite set

Ubisoft made Lion into Leon as the French operator in Rainbow Six Siege now has an Elite outfit that is made for killing zombies.

Ubisoft presented the newest crossover in Rainbow Six Siege in a weird manner. Even though a crossover between a tactical shooter and a zombie killing horror game is already weird, the actual trailer takes the kooky cake.

Lion, the operator initially introduced during the R6: Siege event with space zombies, has now completely embraced the persona by donning the iconic outfit of Leon S. Kennedy, one of all-time favourite zombie killers. The outfit in question is from Resident Evil 4, not Leon's Raccoon City exploits so it's not the police digs that would kind of make sense.

Anyway, the trailer itself is perhaps the highlight here since it shows Lion, dressed as Leon, abusing random crows in a cemetery. He's not even shooting the birds but rather kicking, stabbing and slashing them instead. One would think there are more efficient ways of bringing a bird down but that is not the case with R6: Siege apparently.

Besides showcasing his tae-kwon-do skills to random avian enthusiasts, Lion doesn't do much in the trailer but there is a full list of cosmetics included in the elite set near the end of the video.

It includes:

  • Victory animation
  • Leon S. Kennedy outfit
  • Skin for his drone
  • V308, 417, SG-CQB, P9 and LFP86 skins
  • Resident Evil Elite Lion charm

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