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Rainbow Six Siege dev AMA highlights: map reworks and a permanent Arcade playlist

Published: 09:12, 09 August 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - dev team AMA
Rainbow Six Siege - dev team AMA

Rainbow Six Siege's dev team sat down for a Reddit AMA and offered up some insights into the current state of the game, some behind the scenes stuff and what the future holds.

Rainbow Six Siege - cheating and bans

Cheating is the most annoying part of any game - especially one so reliant on multiplayer like Rainbow Six Siege. The devs are currently working on some new anti-cheat measures but couldn't say much about it for fear of giving hints to the cheat-makers.

Many players have wondered if the reports they submit get handled by a person or software and the answer is yes. A dedicated team goes through the reports and then feeds the legit reports directly to the anti-cheat system. This also allows the Reputation System to learn and makes it more reliable.

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator balancing

Rainbow Six Siege's new Operators are balanced with the help of its pro players and the community. The Balancing Matrix generates an overview/data report and the devs hold regular pro workshops where they also get some additional feedback. A pro player's job doesn't stop there, however, as the devs also get their perspective on various ideas and balancing changes. 

In addition, internal dev play sessions are a big part of testing and so is the community's feedback.

Rainbow Six Siege - new maps

Rainbow Six Siege's current competitive map pool is looking pretty solid so the devs will shift their attention to reworking the old maps while designing new ones.

Three competitive maps will get buffs in Y6S3. These include Clubhouse, Coastline and Bank. These three got a complete tech overhaul, some quality of life and balancing touchups. 

Rainbow Six Siege

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Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Rainbow Six Siege - ranked

A ranked rework is still in the planning stages but the devs assured the fans that their MMR will remain hidden even though they will uncouple it from the players' overall ranking.

The new ranking will be a value that will gradually advance towards your MMR. The devs hope that this will ensure better matchmaking and reward dedication. 

Attack repick will be on the Test Server in Y6S4 but will not ship immediately.

Rainbow Six Siege - competitive playlist

Some work is being done on the codename R6 Cup mode. The new competitive playlist will be active during weekends and admit 5-player pre-made squads. 

The devs have pushed back the release of this new mode until they complete the transition from the old online environment.

A permanent Arcade playlist is also in the works, but won't see the light of day until there's a sturdy back catalogue of Arcade game modes.

You can find the full AMA on Rainbow Six Siege's subreddit.

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