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Quantum Error coming to Xbox SX, PS5 announcement was no marketing ploy

Published: 11:44, 22 September 2020
TeamKill Media
Quantum Error's sci-fi setting
Quantum Error will put all PS5 flagship features to the test!

TeamKill Media's cosmic horror shooter Quantum Error has been featured in Sony's PS5 showcases but the dev clarified that it will be launching on Xbox Series X as well.

As it tends to happen these days, you'd do well to brace yourselves for the darker side of fanboyism. The fact that Quantum Error has been confirmed for launch on Xbox Series X has drawn the PS5 fanboys' ire, who accused the dev of using their PS5 showings as a marketing ploy, before they betraying them. 

It all led to TeamKill Media explaining themselves via Twitter, as if there should be an explanation of why someone would want as many people playing their game as possible. 

"To all our fans and fellow gamers we did not announce for the PS5 and not Xbox as any type of marketing trick. Our first game came out only on PlayStation and not Xbox, due to performance issues", they tweeted. 

TeamKill Media stressed that the number of requests for an Xbox Series X version of Quantum Error they've received after Gamescom and Future Games Show meant they "moved to get approval to make that happen". 

Again, a developer should not need to explain why they want more players to play their game no more than a writer should not want to keep their book accessible to only a select few, but such are the times we live in. 

Those who end up getting Quantum Error on PlayStation 5, however, should be pleasantly surprised with the care that went into programming DualSense controllers' feedback. 

In their interview with the official PlayStation Magazine back in July, the dev said, "We are going to make every gunshot vibrate the side of the hand that would be holding the handle of the gun, vibrate the controller dynamically according to where the enemy hits you. We are going to have the player go to doors that have the possibility of backdraught explosions and the character will place his left hand on the door and if it's hot the controller will vibrate on the left side of the controller to warn the player of an explosion if that door is opened."

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