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PUBG's patch 15.1 adds Mountain Bike to the PTS

Published: 08:47, 24 November 2021
PUBG - 15.1 patch notes
PUBG - 15.1 patch notes

PUBG's patch 15.1 is now live on the game's Test Servers. The usual Patch Report video will, from now on, be released along with the Live server update.

PUBG's patch 15.1 is now live on PC. Note that, starting from today's update, the famous Patch Reports will be released along with the Live server update instead of the Test server update. This will ensure the video features all of the tweaks and balances added during the test phase. 

PUBG 15.1 patch note highlights

Keep in mind that the following may undergo some additional changes while the devs work on incorporating the player feedback and exterminating the bugs and in-game issues. This is what the Test servers are for.

Map Service Update

This plan went through various stages in its short-ish lifespan, but the devs did come to the conclusion that it would be best to change the map rotation service for Season 15. The new map rotation service currently looks like this:

Normal Match:

  • Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok / Taego / Vikendi


  • Erangel / Miramar / Taego

Taego is sticking around because of the player feedback and internal data painting it as one of the most popular maps. No plans for Season 16 exist yet and nothing is set in stone.

Krafton PUBG - The Mountain Bike PUBG - The Mountain Bike

New Vehicle: Mountain Bike

This fan-requested motorless vehicle is coming to PUBG. The Moutain Bike can be looted in its folded state. Look for it on the outskirts of the map. 


  • The Mountain Bike's lack of engine will prove very advantageous when stealth is imperative.
  • Available in all maps (during normal matches).
  • Players can unfold it to use as a vehicle or keep it folded in their inventory. It folds back up when put into the inventory.
  • Doesn't display the current travelling speed.
  • Does not spawn in Esports Mode.
  • Maximum number of passengers: One
  • Maximum speed:
    • Max speed without sprinting (85 per cent Throttle): 50 km/h
    • Riding with 40% or more Boost (90 per cent Throttle): 54 km/h
    • Riding with sprint tapping (100 per cent Throttle): 62 km/h
  • HP: Cannot be destroyed, including the wheels
  • Item weight: 70
  • Fuel consumption: None


The Mountain Bike is capable of sprinting if the player puts in the effort of repeatedly pushing the "Move Forward" key. Higher tapping speed increases sprinting speed.


Jumping is easy, it's the landing that hurts. The Mountain Bike can jump if the player holds the jump key. Holding the key for up to half a second will increase the jump height, as will high speeds and being boosted.


The Mountain Bike is capable of performing wheelies if you hold the sprint key and tap the jump key in rhythm.

Full PUBG 15.1 patch notes.

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