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PUBG update revamps Erangel bridges

Published: 07:15, 29 April 2021
PUBG - Erangel bridge
PUBG - Erangel bridge

PUBG's latest update made changes to the infamous bridges that often serve as ways to cheese other players but the new layout should offer more counterplay.

Erangel bridges will now be wider, offering more playing ground for those trying to cross them, even if an enemy had already taken up positions on the road or the support pillars. Furthermore, additional cover has been added with more cars and even roadblocks that should make the bridges more survivable.

If you are aware of an enemy on the bridge, you can also take the side catwalks that have been added, for additional angles that should help you survey and deal with the enemy. 

Even the dump truck was repositioned and its model undertook several changes so it's more beneficial as cover and a spot to shoot back from. 

Overall, these changes should make bridges more inviting to cross, without making people into memes due to their spur of the moment reactions , some of which turn into controversies but also infinite sources of jokes on the internet.

While the changes to Erangel bridges should be great, they may end up being overshadowed by issues created by the changes to the battle pass and drive-by capabilities. 

The latter even had some undocumented changes that the players are certainly not fans of.

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