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PUBG update remasters Miramar, adds new gun, vehicle and more

Published: 01:25, 03 June 2021

PUBG Update 12.1 is coming on strong with a bunch of new additions and improvements, including Miramar remaster, new anti-materiel rifle, weapon skin upgrades, ATV and a minigame in the lobby to make the downtime between matches more eventful.

Miramar remaster is one of the highlights of the latest PUBG update but it will not bring any reworks for the map. The upgrades are strictly visual to make it look better overall but considering Krafton used new technologies that were applied in Paramo and Haven, it's possible game performance will be dialled up as well.

Lynx AMR will be able to penetrate military-grade protection, meaning armoured vehicles will not protect you from this monster. The tradeoff is that Lynx drops only from the care packages so you will need to risk some to win some.

While the remaster is definitely an improvement for Miramar, the map will also get a new vehicle - the ATV. You will be able to take another player for a ride on this quad-bike but watch out that someone doesn't shoot your heads off.

In case you found the wait between matches to be excruciating, maybe a game of football will help you out. There will now be a ball in the lobby and everyone around will be able to kick it. If enough players coordinate, they might be able to get a proper football match going.

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Dino Park on Vikendi map

Some skins will now be able to evolve and players who use the appropriate materials will be able to get additional effects on their guns. It isn't much different from the skin upgrades in Valorant, let's hope the system is not as expensive though.

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