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PUBG: Taego event start dates and rewards

Published: 10:43, 08 July 2021
PUBG - Taego event page
PUBG - Taego event page

Krafton revealed important information about the Taego events in PUBG, such as the start dates for each stage and their rewards.

PUBG players can already enjoy the first part of Taego events on PC and they will be able to do so until July 13, 2021. Console players will see the event start on July 15 and wrap up on July 21.

This part of the event will have four missions with their own rewards:

  • Ride in a Pony Coupe - awards Contraband Coupon
  • Get a kill with Mk 12 - awards a preset slot for seven days
  • Loot a K2 - awards Contraband Coupon
  • Get a kill with K2 - awards Taego Survivor Mask

The second mission will start as soon as the first one finishes and will also last for a week - from July 13 to July 20 on PC and July 21 to July 27 on consoles.

Players will have five objectives in the second mission:

  • Play a match on Taego - Contraband Coupon
  • Succeed in comeback (get out of the gulag) - preset slot for seven days
  • Find a self-AED - Contraband Coupon
  • Use a self-AED - Victory Dance 60
  • Ride a Pony Coupe - Contraband Coupon

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