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PUBG Taego celebration brings along a merch giveaway

Published: 18:37, 11 August 2021
Updated: 19:17, 11 August 2021
PUBG Taego merch
PUBG Taego merch

PUBG updates have their ups and downs but associated giveaways are constantly a good thing - no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth so read below on how to enter the raffle.

Taego arrived not so long ago to  PUBG and while the queue times may be hitting a rough patch, the players are generally having a nice time since the game introduced enough content to keep things fresh.

Even if you are not really a fan of the Taego update, you might want to grab some of the themed merch as the chance to win it basically costs just a few clicks.

What PUBG Taego box contains

Before you enter, you might want to check what freebies you stand to gain. The contents of the merch box are as follows:

  • Giftbox
  • Traditional Korean fan (the thing you flap to cool yourself down, not an annoying person to adore you )
  • Coupon Card
  • Black Taego t-shirt (Available sizes are XL and XXL)
  • Traditional Korean box

How to enter PUBG Taego giveaway and eligibility

To have a chance to grab the goodies, just click on the tweet below and retweet with "#PUBGTaegoAC", minus the quotation marks. 

The eligibility of this giveaway is limited to the UK and European Union countries

Keep in mind that some personal information will be necessary if you win the box but it will be used solely for shipping purposes.

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