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PUBG: Son Heung-Min event start date, duration and other details

Published: 17:38, 19 July 2021
PUBG - Son Heung-Min
PUBG - Son Heung-Min

Krafton released all the necessary information for the Sonny Collaboration event where players will be able to acquire Son Heung-Min's likeness and other cosmetics.

Sonny Collaboration event will start on July 21, 2021, in PUBG and it will last until August 3, 2021, giving players about two weeks to complete the associated missions in order to earn points that will be exchangeable for items based around Son Heung-Min.

There will be several types of cosmetics that you can earn for the duration of the event, including:

  • Son's hair and face, sold as a set
  • Son-themed clothes
  • Son-themed emotes
  • Two themed weapons

If you don't manage to complete the Event Missions in the allocated time, you will be able to purchase them instead. 

Furthermore, those who obtain Son-themed Level 3 helmet during the event will automatically have a chance to win a real-life replica of the Level 3 helmet, autographed by Son himself. In case you enter the raffle, you can check out the results on August 11, 2021, on the official PUBG website .

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