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PUBG Mobile kicks off Season 4 with new gun, vehicle and more

Published: 11:44, 21 November 2018
Tencent Games
A man clad in animal skins from PUBG Mobile's Season 4
PUBG Mobile, Season 4

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp have rolled out the 0.9.5. patch for PUBG Mobile, kicking off the game's Season 4 by adding M762 automatic rifles, new 2-seater scooters exclusive to Sanhok, dynamic weather, hardcore mode and a bunch more.

According to the 0.9.5 patch notes, M762 automatic rifles can be found on all maps and are the first 7.62mm automatic rifles that fi stocks. PUBG Mobile's new rifle has three modes - single shot, three shot burst and full-auto.

Sanhok has received plenty of love in the new patch, with 2-seat scooters added along with dynamic weather. PUBG Mobile players will now experience changing weather on Sanhok, with sun, rain and fog set at random.

PUBG Corp also added the Hardcore Mode, which removes footstep sounds and audio cues "to resemble the PC experience". PUBG Mobile will be hosting the mode periodically in the form of Hardcore Week.

Along with the additions comes Season 4 of PUBG Mobile's Royale Pass, which brings with it a bunch of gun finishes, outfits, faces and hairstyles. Tencent Games threw in mission cards for players to complete harder missions as well as a bunch of discounts and incentives to get the Pass.

The patch notes also mention "a system where the odds of getting certain crate items are increased dramatically for a limited amount of time", although this PUBG Mobile feature is apparently still in development. The fact that it's listed in the Royale Pass section suggests it will be exclusive to the paying members. 

PUBG Mobile has also had some social improvements, such as chat optimisations, which should ensure that more messages are kept while taking up less RAM. If eye candy's your thing, the store has been tuned to emphasize weapon finishes too. 

PUBG Corp PUBG Mobile poster showing three in-game characters PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is actually doing better than its PC counterpart, having strolled past to amass a -strong playerbase. Ironically enough, the real PUBG dipped below only a few days prior to the 20 million announcement. Oh well.

You can find PUBG Mobile's 0.9.5. patch notes over .

PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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