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PUBG Mobile gets Royale Pass, FPP, Mini-Zone, skins and more

Published: 13:02, 21 June 2018
Tencent Games
Poster for PUBG Mobile advertising first person perspective
PUBG Mobile

Unlike their partner in crime PUBG Corp, Tencent Games are not joking around when they get to work and PUBG Mobile is shaping up into a polished package that its PC and Xbox One brother was and still is expected to become. Oh the irony.

First things firs, PUBG Mobile is getting the Royale Pass, which is your basic battle pass with progression through challenges and ranks in exchange for rewards. There's also an elite version of the pass, which as you could've guessed, juices your XP harvesting skills and unlocks elite missions.

Users have been requesting FPP, first person perspective mode, in order to level the playing between players in that respect. Tencent Games are throwing in a separate tier system in there as well, which is a pretty nice touch. The game's Mini-Zone arcade mode brings three times the resources and air drops on a smaller map, with the same 100 player count.

PUBG Mobile has also received weapon and airplane finishes, as well as an armory, where you can check out gear, attachments and whatnot. Pistols have got their own slot on the UI and backpack.

The game's newly added tier protection ensures that players aren't as demoted as easily as before, because all it took is a single early death for your diamond 4 rank to melt away to platinum 1. Every time you rank up in PUBG Mobile you get one tier protection, which is basically your free pass to omg-how-did-he town that'll save you from demotion once. After that, you've got to be very unlucky or suck really bad for three games straight before you end up with them peasants.

There's new characters, room cards for starting some, parachutes, avatars, muting system, melee weapon improvements and yes, there's still more, which you can find on PUBG Mobile's full .

Tencent Games Image celebrating the milestone of 10 million users in PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

It's pretty ironic seeing Tencent taking PUBG's playerbase numbers and actually multiplying them several times over, because there was a feeling that the Chinese publishing giant was there only to take the money and run.

While we were watching Tencent though, PUBG devolved into a jumbled mess, trying to save their fortunes just a few days ago. At the moment, it appears there's only one PUBG developer who's actually doing something worthwhile. .

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