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Gen.G win the inaugural PUBG Global Championship

Published: 12:45, 26 November 2019
image showing pubg global championship winners
Gen.G are the first PUBG Global Championship winners

Generation Gaming are the first PUBG Global Championship winners after they beat FaZe Clan in the final round. Gen.G are going home with $2 million prize.

Long and exciting PUBG Esport season has finally ended with last night's PUBG Global Championship (PGC) final. Generation Gaming (Gen.G) are the first champions, winning the $2 million prize. Gen.G beat FaZe Clan in the final round of the event.

FaZe Clan were one of the biggest favourites for the title but the Koreans were also in the mix for the shiny trophy and have managed to pull it off in the intense finale. Both teams entered the final round trailing Four Angry Men by a few points thanks to Chinese's squad impressive start.

Bothe FaZe and Gen.G were eliminated in the third and fourth round, respectively, but the Korean team were able to get 10 kills, which proved to be a pretty valuable result. In the end, Gen.G managed to grab the championship even though they did not win a single round since the opening day. However, their consistent kills and rotations helped them to jump 10 points ahead of Faze Clan and take the crown.

Here are the grand total winnings of the top three teams and the full results of the PUBG Global Championship 2019:

Grand total winnings

  • Generation Gaming - $2,3 million
  • 4AM Sports - $1,4 million
  • FaZe Clan - $749k

Final leaderboards

  1. Generation Gaming - 111 pts
  2. FaZe Clan - 101 pts
  3. Four Angry Men - 99 pts
  4. OGN Entus Force - 89 pts
  5. VC Gaming - 84 pts
  6. Natus Vincere - 75 pts
  7. TSM - 75 pts
  8. The Rumblers - 74 pts
  9. Genesis - 81 pts
  10. OGN Entus Ace - 61pts
  11. SK Telecom T1- 48 pts
  12. QM Gaming - 45 pts
  13. Lazarus - 43 pts
  14. Tempo Storm - 42 pts
  15. WClick - 39 pts
  16. Global Esports Xsset - 36 pts

Next PUBG Esports season starts in January 2020 with Phase 1 of regional competitions. For the complete schedule, visit the official .

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