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PUBG might go Free-to-Play after the next free weekend

Published: 12:00, 24 July 2021
PUBG Corporation

PUBG has been a pay-to-play title for years now but it appears the devs are once again testing a possible shift to the free-to-play model.

PUBG has had a problem with cheaters since the very beginning but one deterrent they always had was having to buy the game over and over again after getting banned. So when the devs initially tried to test out going F2P, it appears that they didn't get the response they were looking for from the players and the price tag remained.

According to PlayerIGN, a prominent leaker in the PUBG community, the team will once again try testing the new monetisation model. If PlayerIGN's info turns out to be correct, the next free weekend will serve as a survey once again to see how the community will react to the change, following the failed attempt in 2019.

Furthermore, the free weekend will supposedly take place next month and considering we are already in the final week of July, that may not take too long either. 

Cheaters are still present in PUBG but the anti-cheat has come a long way since 2019 and the ban hammer keeps swinging to keep the battlegrounds clear. Then again, if cheaters could just make another account within minutes and go in again, this could give them more incentive to abuse illegal software.

It remains to be seen what the results of the next free weekend will be, if the devs' plans go through.

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