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PUBG Labs debuts the first aircraft, Motor Glider, for a limited time

Published: 21:43, 19 December 2019
PUBG Labs, the Motor Glider aircraft
PUBG Labs, the Motor Glider

PUBG Labs has turned out to be quite a dynamic playground for PUBG Corp and the latest experimentation round involves the Motor Glider, a two-person aircraft that will let you (get the) drop on unsuspecting land-dwellers below.

So, Motor Gliders are a two-man operation but while the pilot is navigating the skies, the second player is free to go about his business, meaning shooting, chucking cocktails and the rest. 

Note that there's some finesse to the takeoff, and you can either do it by pitching up when at 65 km/h, or wait for the auto takeoff at 70 km/h. Once you're airborne, you can set a throttle lock as you desire. 

Much like the rest of its transportation siblings, PUBG Labs' aircraft consumes fuel and the harder you hit the throttle, the more it will eat up, so bear that in mind. It also loses steam the higher you go, and while there's technically no maximum altitude, there's a limit where the engine will choke. 

Speaking of the engine, it can be destroyed but you can keep gliding and even land, thanks to indestructible tires. Wings will apparently take less damage from shots.

Motor Gliders will be spawned across the maps, which are at the moment Erangel and Miramar, and it supports up to 80 players. Simply click the banner on the bottom left, find Motor Glider and hit start. 

The Motor Glider will be available in PUBG Labs from 19 December at 11pm PST to 22 December at the same time, so as you can see - it's a pretty limited-time offer indeed. 

PUBG Corp PUBG Labs's Motor Glider mode main screen PUBG Labs, have a go at Motor Glider

Here's the official TL/DR:

  • Period: Dec 19 11pm PST – Dec 22 11pm PST / Dec 20 8am CET – Dec 23 8am CET    
  • Perspective: TPP/FPP   
  • Mode: Squad    
  • Map: Erangel, Miramar    
  • Maximum Player: 80    
  • How to join: Click the banner on the left bottom above the ‘START’ button

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