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PUBG is finally adding map selection after countless requests

Published: 21:38, 19 April 2018
Promotional image for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds showing a bunch of players in different outfits.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will soon get the feature that so many players are asking for. PUBG Corp have announced that map selection will soon arrive to test server. It is almost complete and only needs testing before going live.

Considering that Codename: Savage is making more and more appearances on the test server, it is only natural that PUBG Corp finally add the map selection feature. They proceeded to state that they analysed tens of millions of matches and then sorted the data by server, mode and time in order to make sure the map selection feature wouldn't break the game for anyone.

PUBG Corp have also stated that they've been listening to player feedback and took it seriously, but they had "to be thoughtful" about how they implement changes within the game. One such example are the soft region locks through server invisibility between continents and ping based matchmaking.

PUBG Corp PUBG - Codename: Savage PUBG - Codename: Savage

Apparently PUBG Corp's main concern was whether adding the feature would increase the queue times for players, due to some of them opting out of certain maps. We're looking at you, Miramar. However, the analysis mentioned above proved that the inconvenience wouldn't be too high, even for the regions with lower player counts.

As it stands, the map selection feature will not be problematic for the moment but devs will keep an eye on it, as it could spiral out of control as more maps get added to the game. PUBG Corp have also provided a screenshot of an early version of the feature, which may look different once it gets deployed to live servers.

PUBG Corp Screenshot from PUBG showing the new map selection feature. PUBG map selection

It will work on checkbox basis, so players will be able to simply remove a certain map from their rotation and keep the others in. PUBG Corp have promised they will never stop evolving the game, as long as players keep providing feedback. Or money, but that could be just the cynic in me speaking.

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