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PUBG has undocumented ADS nerfs while in vehicles

Published: 13:11, 29 April 2021
PUBG Labs, view from Thermal Scope
PUBG Labs, I spy with my little Thermal Scope...

Besides the Survivor Pass that the players didn't like, PUBG introduced some changes to aiming while in a vehicle, some of which were not documented in the patch notes.

Survivor Pass already riled up the PUBG community for removing G-Coins and therefore making it impossible to farm the pass enough in order to get the next one at no extra cost in real-life money.

Other changes were not as infamous but some of them flew under the radar of the patch notes, although players caught up with them pretty quickly. For example, Update 11.2 mentioned recoil is up by 10 per cent when you're shooting from a car, with only sidearms being exempt from this rule.

What the notes didn't mention is that aiming speed while aiming down sights (ADS) in a vehicle will also be reduced. Players reported this issue and posted videos of it and now it remains to be seen whether the devs actually intended for this change to happen.

Considering that the player from the tweet below tagged several PUBG-related accounts, including the game's community manager, and no one responded, it's possible that the ADS speed change was supposed to be deployed.

That said, players are likely to hate this change since it will both require muscle memory to adapt to a new sensitivity and it will mess with their ability to play other shooter games that don't change sensitivity based on your aiming mode.

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