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PUBG's Halloween event 2021 will take place on Erangel

Published: 14:01, 29 September 2021
PUBG - Halloween 2021
PUBG - Halloween 2021

October is the month of all things scary. In celebration of the tenth month of the year, PUBG devs have converted some parts of the Erangel map and given it a spooky feel.

It's time to get spooky! Well, almost. It's time to look forward to getting spooky as we read the latest PUBG patch report. Update 14.1 is currently haunting PUBG's PC test servers but you can count on it making an appearance on PC as soon as October 6 rolls around. As far as console players are concerned, they'll be able to enjoy Update 14.1 on October 14.

PUBG Patch Report 14.1
PUBG - Halloween event on Erangel

The scary season is just around the corner and the folks at Krafton chose to celebrate Halloween by decorating some parts of Erangel with some season-appropriate baubles and knick-knacks.

Krafton PUBG - a taste of the upcoming decor PUBG - School, Hospital, and the Starting island area

  • School, Hospital, and the Starting island area have been decorated with the spirit of Halloween in mind.
  • The devs have added Halloween-themed weather, complete with a new moon colour and fog in certain areas

Game Modes

  • Normal match
  • Custom match

Weather Probability

  • Halloween: 30
  • Clear: 50
  • Cloudy: 20

Care Package Smoke Color

  • Changed to Halloween colours.
    • Flaregun supply crates are not included.
  • There are now Mummy Coffins at School, Hospital, and the Starting Island.

PUBG's Update 14.1 will launch for PC on October 6, and console players will get to dive into the update on October 14. The patch is currently live on the PC Test Server. Full PUBG Update 14.1 patch notes.

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