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PUBG announces Training Mode, adds scooter and 2-seat bike

Published: 15:45, 23 August 2018
Updated: 16:34, 23 August 2018
The skateboard loop from PUBG's upcoming Training Mode
PUBG Corp, Training Mode

Even though requests for a shooting range in PUBG have arguably been drowned out by other requests as of late, PUBG Corp have revealed that the Training Mode is well in development and they've even shared some pretty promising screenshots.

Disregarding for a moment PUBG Corp's peculiar insistence on delivering long requested features only after the playerbase's attention shifts to desync, lag and other higher priority server issues, I have to agree with the company for once - the Training Mode indeed is much more than a shooting range.

The mode allows from 5-20 players in solo queue with matchmaking, to prance around the 2x2km map and practice just about any in-game skill you can think of. Driving, parachuting, peek shooting, vaulting, close quarters, vehicle jumps and more. Although the mode is still not release material, PUBG Corp shared what the team is working on.

At the moment, Greene and Co are busy with incremental range targets on the 800m and 400m ranges, as well as special a 1K range target. There are free moveable and immoveable targets as well, both indoor and outdoor versions.

PUBG's new mode has a parachute practice area, throwables range, melee range, parkour area, cqc course, indoor cqc range and, as you can see, vehicle tracks. We're looking at a long track, racing track, off road and stunt ramps, both land an water versions, which is likely to make a splash, right?

All the PUBG equipment is at your disposal of course and in the Training Mode's , the developer said that they've targeted seasoned veterans and new players alike. Unfortunately, the mode will not be available offline as many players requested but hey - at least it's not new skins.

PUBG Corp Overhead shot of PUBG's upcoming Training Mode PUBG, Training Mode

On a related note, PUBG's recent update #20 has added Beryl M762 assault rifles and the new Sanhok exclusive scooter and 2-seater motorbikes. Tukshai, the three wheeled vehicle that's also Sanhok-exclusive was unfortunately delayed until September 2018.

You can check out more screenshots of the Training Mode and the game's #20 update in the gallery below.

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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