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PUBG gets two new crates, test server patch and a puppy

Published: 23:59, 21 February 2018
Vandalised PUBG poster complaining about hackers.

Okay we lied about the puppy, but PUBG really is getting two retro themed crates, test server patch and a handful of well wishes and apologies from the developer. Excellent, because I could use those apologies against cheaters, right?

PUBG Corp Two crates selling on a trading screen in PUBG PUBG Corp: Fever crate

The paid crate is called the Fever and can be purchased from Weekly Crates. Also, you can open them with Early Bird keys. Militia, the free one, will slot in among the current four with a 40 per cent drop rate:

  • SURVIVOR: 10%
  • WANDERER: 10%
  • BIKER: 20%
  • DESPERADO: 20%
  • MILITIA (New): 40%

PUBG style coordinators worked day and night on bringing back that 70s and 80s vibe we all love, as long as we don't wear it. Anyway, say hello to Erangel resistance force and Miramar frontiersman outfits from Militia and Fever.

PUBG Corp Two men and two men with weapons posing for PUBG PUBG Corp: Fever and Militia crate items

Developers claim the test server patch focuses on performance improvements, via optimisations and fixes. We'll soon be seeing the number of players on the plane, as well as see them when jumping out. We won't be able to see inside anymore, which apparently improves server performance.

There are changes to the replay system as well, with a 1 minute replay file sent when reporting players. Well, PUBG servers better have enough space, because there's gonna be a lot of minutes there.

Having been publicly lambasted over their inability to address cheating, PUBG said they're doing something about it. Unfortunately, the "doing something about it" part meant that "Early this year, development of some of the major features and systems was delayed as our focus shifted towards tightening our anti-cheat effort."

The developers say they can't really say more until March, but that they're very excited and something, something, but as far as saving players from the endless frustration of adolescent children with mom's credit cards ruining your mornings - PUBG Corp says "Our thoughts and prayers are with you".

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