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PUBG announces free demo week on Xbox Live and additional DLC

Published: 07:58, 11 April 2018
PUBG Corporation
PUBG Character

You may not like it but the word 'free' doesn't only attract Americans. Now, PUBG Corp have announced a free week of PUBG for members of Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold club as well as additional DLC in form of PUBG5 Pack of cosmetic goodies.

The offer for Brendan Greene's survival shooter starts on 19 April and ends on 22 April 2018. Gold members of Xbox Live service can find PUBG free demo offer in their Xbox Live dashboard, so they can happily crawl in corn for 72 hours.

The game is also getting new DLC - the PUBG5 Pack, which goes for $7, despite having a five in its name. In an attempt to completely misname the item, the pack contains four items. Seriously PUBG, you trying to kill OCD-ers or what?

Anyway, the PUBG 5 pack comes with four items, namely - cap, long sleeved shirt, cuffed jeans and hi-top trainers. Of course, there are just cosmetic items that won't really affect gameplay in any meaningful way, although if you're going to kill other players - you might as well look good while doing it.

AltChar Cap, shirt, pants, boots and a tin container above PUBG logo 5Pack

If you choose to purchase the $7 PUBG 5Pack over the weekend, the items will remain in your account and be accessible if you choose to purchase the full version of PUBG. This is quite practical, seeing as how Greene and Co's survival shooter doesn't offer free demos, trials or anything of the sort.

Naturally, Epic's Fortnite doesn't need a demo and has been doing more than fine on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4, where no PUBG player has ever gone before. However, PUBG's leadership seems to have finally woken up and started putting up a fight.

AltChar Goldmember from Austin Powers mockingly said to be Xbox Live member Xbox Live Gold member

Indeed, PUBG's been getting , and the devs even addressed the only two years after we asked them to. With the decision to grant free demos only to the prominent members of Microsoft's high-paying society, PUBG's future is Gold indeed.

Anyhow, the offer starts on midnight between the 18 and 19 April 2018 so if you're keen on trying it out, you might as well start early.

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