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PUBG esports: Virtus Pro wins a narrow PCS 4 race

Published: 00:03, 29 June 2021
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Reputation System
PUBG - Reputation System

PUBG just concluded another round of Championship Series and Virtus Pro were crowned for the first time as they won a tight competition.

Narrow victories seem to be trending as Euro 2021 has recently featured two matches that were absolute nail biters, one wrapping up in extra time and the other on penalties. PUBG Esports had something similar during the last weekend, although no tiebreakers were needed and everything wrapped up in the expected time span.

Over the course of the three weeks, various teams would win and dominate but it was Virtus Pro who came out swinging in Week 1. They put up a frightening performance and while tied in the number of wins with Natus Vincere and EXhalatioN, they scored much more kills. The total of 97 frags ended up being the tournament's record for a single week eventually.

Week 2 was not as successful for Virtus Pro as they grabbed only one Chicken Dinner but still scored 57 kills, 12 more than the most successful team of the week, AfterAlt who managed to grab three wins with just 45 kills. Heroic, who had high kill count in both weeks, managed to snatch two victories, ending up in second place during the week.

Virtus Pro snagged two wins in the last week of the tournament as they tied with Team Liquid, Redline and SKAE. They outperformed all of them thus far, ekeing out the first win for the organisation in a stellar performance as they didn't let the first week's success go to their head and maintained form to become the most successful team of PCS4.

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