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PUBG could have fed Iceland for a year

Published: 18:04, 07 February 2018
Updated: 21:31, 07 February 2018
A chicken in front of a flag of Iceland and underneath PUBG sign
PUBG chicken dinners could have fed Iceland for a year

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has already gained a reputation for breaking all sorts of records but PUBG Corp’s latest infographic really makes you think. As you could have guessed, we are not talking mere stats here - this is pure science. Kind of. OK, not all of it really, but it’s still fun.

The infographic covers the game's time in Steam’s early access and what struck us first was that more than 130 million chicken dinners have been served during that time. The company claims that the resulting 260.5 billion Kcal is enough to feed the entire population of Iceland for as much as 359 days. The company didn't say whether they would be happy eating chicken all year long and how it would address the remaining 7 days.

Most certainly much to the dismay of housewives everywhere, somewhere around 13.5 million players have been killed by frying pans - which is one cholesterol related death for every 2 seconds played. Interestingly enough, total playtime amounts to 310 thousand years, which is roughly the time our race appeared on Earth. You may recall however, that we did not have chicken dinners at the time.

PUBG Corp Infographics on usage of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game PubG Infographics

On the more serious side of stats, the game still reigns supreme on Steam, hitting steady 2 million players at a time. In fact, PubG's peak stats easily quadruple its next “competitor” - these days that position usually switches back and forth between Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The game is indeed enjoying great success across platforms despite, or better yet, in spite of seemingly persistent criticism over performance and . Ironically enough, you will find plenty of proof of its "alternatives" delivering much more on the gaming front, but when it comes to numbers - . The game snagged half a million pounds in revenue just eight months upon launch and PubG Corp revealed they sold upwards of 26 million copies on Steam so well played PubG, well played. 


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