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PUBG Corp drops lawsuit against Epic Games and Fortnite

Published: 14:05, 27 June 2018
Updated: 14:20, 27 June 2018
Courtroom hammer with Fortnite's Victory Royale sign on it
Fortnite vs. PUBG

Victory court royale, am I right? Anyway, it turns out that Greene and Co have retracted their lawsuit against Epic Games in South Korea, where PUBG accused the developer of Fortnite: Battle Royale of stealing their intellectual property.

As you can see from the photo above, it's pretty obvious who did it and it sure ain't the butler. On a more serious note though, I personally find this the best possible course of action for PUBG and Fortnite, and I'm confident the former company's PR department agrees. Well, now they do at least.

The news came the way of official website of Seoul Central District Court, who confirmed that PUBG Corp backed out of their Law and Order trip. However, no details were provided as to why this happened. I reckon Epic must've been building upwards and frustrating their opponent. 

It is said that Epic Games and PUBG Corp most likely struck a deal of some sort, although neither company's legal representatives denied or confirmed it. Yeah, it's a pretty way of saying they refused to even talk about it, which to be fair, may be the best course of action here.

Lawsuits, even though a necessity at times, are a very messy business and tend to ruin more than just pocketbooks - they stain reputations somewhat fierce. Besides, is PUBG's leadership really planning to tackle their game's dwindling population with a lawsuit? If anything, the lawsuit made them want to dwindle even more.

There's a significant probability that this is all Tencent's work, seeing as how they're partial owners of companies that developed both PUBG and Fortnite. It's quite ironic though that PUBG would sue Epic Games for similarities, when PUBG runs on an Epic-made graphics engine though.

Epic Games Picture of a guy escaping a bunch of rockets in Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite

Ultimately, we're pretty glad all this is over with, even though PUBG is , the developer of two mobile games that Bluehole claims have ripped off Greene's battle royale champ. Seeing as how PUBG have even cited cookware on the list of stolen features. Also, speaking of cookware, you may want to .



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