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Fortnite iOS stomps over PUBG's iOS and Android revenue combined

Published: 15:29, 03 May 2018
Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

Bean counters at Sensor Tower analytics firm have revealed that in its first properly monetised week on Apple's iOS, Fortnite managed to outperform PUBG's revenue on both iOS and Android by three to four times, which is pretty impressive.

To be fair, it has been clear for a while now that Fortnite is slowly but surely running away with what used to be PUBG's pie but the results are increasingly humiliating. Also, note that the numbers provided do not include China.

Impressively enough, Fortnite's first properly monetised week on Apple's iOS devices raked in $3.7 million. In comparison, PUBG's iOS revenue is in the vicinity of $700 thousand, which says enough really. 

Including PUBG's Android figures doesn't change the situation much, since it only drives this number to about $1 million. This is still less than a third of what Epic makes on iOS alone. 

It would be great for Greene and Co if providing the context behind the sales painted a better picture for the company. Unfortunately, this time it makes it worse.

Namely, by the time PUBG Corp started monetising their game, PUBG already had as much as 22 million downloads. Fortnite, on the other hand, only had 3.7 million downloads, all of which were invite only.

It is said that Fortnite's business model has a lot to do with the result, particularly the part where Epic's store sells exactly what's being offered on the screen. In contrast, PUBG does most of its business via loot boxes, so trying to get specific items is practically playing a lottery.

We're not sure whether PUBG Corp will keep insisting on loot boxes, especially now that they've been banned in and . Now that they've got another, perhaps even more important indicator of why their business model is rapidly losing ground to Fortnite.

SensorTower Comparison of PUBG's and Fortnite's revenue on iOS and Android Fortnite v PUBG

Naturally, that's not to say that loot boxes are the only reason why Fortnite is rolling over PUBG in the months past and let's not pretend that PUBG is in a hard place to begin with. However, it is food for thought.

Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS

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Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version
Fortnite has arrived to iOS devices.

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