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PUBG Corp and Bluehole forbid PUBG related leaks now

Published: 21:59, 29 June 2018
Newly announced PUBG gun called the QBZ95

Bluehole's legal goon squad is at it again but their sights are now set on Skin Tracker, which is a site collecting and publishing data mined cosmetic content. The first thing Skin Tracker did? They switched to publishing Fortnite content.

Karma strikes back, since it was first the legal dispute with Epic Games that resulted in a backlash for Bluehole, courtesy of fans of both PUBG and Fortnite. Now however, they have decided to shoot themselves in the foot in a different way, by shutting down free advertising. 

Skin Tracker has been diligently data mining and publishing any cosmetics coming to PUBG, effectively acting as a free preview site for new content in the game. Their PUBG related activities had to cease by 20 June 2018 though, as a Legal Manager at PUBG Corporation contacted the site's staff, informing them that the company will no longer allow "usage of its assets".

Folks at Skin Tracker complied and stopped publishing any PUBG content. The representative, however, pressed on and stated that any data mined content, PUBG related images and even four letters spelling out "PUBG", were "not wanted", as in, no longer allowed.

Skin Tracker once again complied and removed all PUBG content and markings from their site before the deadline. They did make a good observation though, as PUBG Corporation effectively prohibited pictures of PUBG and the letters themselves from being published. So they've indirectly prohibited anyone on the internet from posting PUBG related content. Genius.

It's hard to believe anyone with profit in their mind would actually let their pettiness prohibit free advertisement, but here we are - Bluehole are spending money on legal teams coming after fan-made service sites instead of fixing their game.

Bluehole Spoof image of a PUBG promotional poster mocking the game shedding players PUBG - Player count

Sure enough, Skin Tracker found a new data mining hobby, which is Fortnite and has started posting skins from the game that's currently trampling PUBG so hard it should have hooves printed on the official logo. You can see the official statement from Skin Tracker , and browse the upcoming Fortnite here.

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