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PUBG is charging up to $25 for Harley Quinn and Joker skins

Published: 09:51, 09 November 2018
picture showing harley quinn and joker on pubg background
Harley Quinn and Joker skins in PUBG

If you want to play as Harley Quinn in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds it will cost you $25, and for the arguably worst version of Joker ever you'll have to pay $18 it's been revealed as PUBG crossover with DC Comics has now gone live.

It looks like FixPUBG is alive and kicking with the newest PUBG and DC Comics crossover "PUBG x Suicide Squad", which brings two new skins to the table that you can get for $25 if Harley Quinn is your pick or $18 for the hands-down worst designed Joker ever.

The Harley Quinn collection features the bat, makeup, hair and the outfit and can cost up to $29 if you buy each element separately which is almost the price of the game itself. The same story goes for The Joker's set of hair, makeup and the outfit that can rise to $25. Harley's collection debuts on PUBG store as the most expensive item you can buy with some Halloween collections right behind it. If you enjoy getting robbed, the skins are available for purchase until 30 January 2019.

Of course, these prices have already raised eyebrows with some fans criticising the price comparing it to Fortnite's Infinity War event, when a Thanos skin was available free of charge. Others commented the actual design of the skins calling them poor looking, while some called out Bluehole for being greedy adding that there are plenty of games out there who sell skins for far less money than PUBG. 

Youtube picture showing harley quinn and the joker in pubg Harley Quinn and The Joker

Along with the overpriced skins, PUBG x Suicide Squad update also brings a new mode called Prison Breakout. The trailer shows a heavy prison shootout on Erangel map featuring Joker and Harley and prison guards before the Suicide Squad duo safely drives into the sunset.

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