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PUBG resurrects War Mode, get ready for Kar98k snipe fest

Published: 11:35, 08 June 2018
A man hiding in foliage next to a field in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Corp are bringing back War Mode for some unhindered carnage across Erangel. This time around, the weapons of choice are Kar98k with a 4x scope, a handgun and a handy frag grenade to play hacky sack with or keep your enemies warm.

The returning mode lasts until Sunday, 10 June 2018 11pm PDT and features three ten man squads duking it out across Erangel. PUBG Corp made sure they spiced the mode up this time around so sustaining lethal damage no longer knocks you - you might as well step into the light right away.

PUBG's War Mode match takes place "inside a small, static safe zone", where all players come equipped with a ghillie suit, a x4 scoped Kar98k, pistol and a frag grenade. As you can imagine, not the most versatile of loadouts but it will have to do.

Eliminating enemy smurfs earns three points for your team, where both teams are racing to 150. If you're killed in PUBG War Mode, you can respawn in planes that swoosh by every 40 seconds. If nobody manages to rack up 150 points, the team that has more points when the bell rings is the winner.

There's no spawning of vehicles or world loot and PUBG Corp say the weather will be constantly rainy. War Mode has no redzones and the same goes for care packages and killer spectating. Basically, it's your no holds barred PUBG carnage that may very well be the most realistic PUBG experience as well.

All in all, PUBG will certainly benefit from a bit of fresh air, especially if it wants to keep up with the likes of Fortnite. Many in fact claim that it's Epic's update schedule that won them the war, while Greene and Co were busy dreaming up cosmetics for sale.

AltChar Side by side image of Fortnite and PUBG made in mock versus screen Fortnite vs PUBG

The company even went full retard by filing a in Korea, which surely didn't help its popularity. By now, Fortnite's dominance is well and truly established and PUBG's leadership seems to have trouble comprehending that you don't win this race in court - you win it in the code.

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