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PUBG bots get nerfed in the latest update

Published: 11:57, 09 June 2021
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Reputation System
PUBG - Reputation System

Krafton pushed a new update for PUBG which should make the game a bit more enjoyable due to bots not being overwhelming with automatic fire at abnormal ranges.

PUBG players generally don't like bots but when they become too competent, it gets even worse. If a player is trying to move into the circle and then gets mowed down by the full-auto fire, there is usually just one explanation - cheaters.

Well, this wasn't always the case lately as such anomalies could originate with things legal in PUBG - the game's own bots. Players were complaining that the bots would be too disruptive at times and if you take a look at some of the examples , you can see they are not exaggerating. 

Thankfully, this should all come to an end with the June 9, 2021, update .

Bots will have reaction time that should be a bit more normal and not instant like in the posts above, overall reducing the feeling like you are playing against cheaters.

Furthermore, their accuracy will be lower so the perfect aim should no longer be a thing and players will have a fighting chance. 

The third but by no means the least update is that bots will now use single-fire mode at longer distances. This should allow players to manoeuvre without getting sprayed with inexplicable speed and accuracy.

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