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PUBG adds new Tactical Gear in latest patch

Published: 11:41, 08 March 2022
Updated: 09:29, 09 March 2022

PUBG update 16.2 is adding a few game changers that are pretty exciting for well-coordinated teams.

PUBG patch 16.2 is bringing several changes and additions but it's the new Tactical Gear that takes the spotlight. As per usual, these items will take up a primary weapon spot and are available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode as well as the Sandbox Mode on PC. Additionally, these items will spawn on every map.

Now for the juicy part - the items themselves. Tactical Pack is essentially going to turn you into a loot goblin. You can stuff just about anything into this bad boy, including weapons, helmets, vests, item stacks and more. Item stacks take a single slot but can't go over the limit of 60 weight per slot. Modded weapons will be stored as they are.

To avoid infinite storage shenanigans, a tactical pack can't hold another tactical pack and it can't be stored in the trunk of a Porter. 

Meanwhile, the teammate carrying a Spotter Scope is going to be a sniper's best friend. It can be used in ADS mode and it has a 4x zoom magnification while providing real-time distance to the target. It has a limit of one kilometre though.

Targets spotted by the scope will be marked for all the teammates and if you have voice comms, you can also get to know the exact distance quickly, for the purposes of calculating bullet drop-off. 


The spotter can mark several targets at once but the marker will disappear seven seconds after the spotter stops actively tracking them.

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