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PUBG 2021 content roadmap revealed: Two new maps, racing mode and more

Published: 14:15, 26 May 2021
PUBG artwork showing Tiger map concept
PUBG - Tiger map concept

PUBG is getting two new maps currently codenamed Tiger and Kiki, scheduled to release in Q3 2021 and Q4 2021 or Q1 2023. On top of this, Krafton are remastering Miramar map and adding new racing game mode.

PUBG is getting a ton of new content in the coming months and today, Krafton have shared a full roadmap, highlighting some of the biggest updates that are coming very soon. There's plenty of new stuff but the devs are also showing some love to old content so without further ado, let's check out everything that is coming to PUBG in 2021 and early 2022:

Miramar Updated (PC: 2 June, Consoles: 10 June)

After a small refresh in 2018, the desert map is set to receive a major visual update that leverages the newer technologies Krafton recently introduced to Paramo and Haven. The map will be available as part of PUBG’s Season 12.1 update.

Krafton PUBG - Miramar map update before and after PUBG - Miramar map update before and after

New Map - Codename: Tiger (Q3 2021)

Shortly after the Miramar update, Krafton will release their first new 8x8 Battleground since 2018. The devs promise many of the key aspects fans have come to expect with new PUBG maps as well as a major new gameplay mechanic to PUBG: the ability for players to return to the battle after an initial defeat. 

New Map - Codename: Kiki (Q4 2021 or Q1 2022)

Later this year or in early 2022, Krafton plans to release their fourth 8x8 PUBG map. Codenamed Kiki, this map will feature a diverse set of locations, from mysterious underground labs and massive skyscrapers to swamplands and underwater buildings. While the map is still in early development, Krafton plans to share additional details later in the year.

Krafton PUBG screenshot showing Kiki map concept art PUBG - Kiki map concept art

 Additionally, Krafton also plan to introduce a weapon skin upgrade system, a new ranked season, new weapons and seasons. For more on that, check out the official blog post.

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