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PUBG Update 14.2: Meet Your Dinner Edition adds new weapon to Taego

Published: 12:44, 27 October 2021
PUBG - Update 14.2 patch notes
PUBG - Update 14.2 patch notes

PUBG's Update 14.2 comes packed with all sorts of interesting stuff. We got a new weapon, a fresh mechanic and five new Taego areas in Custom Matches.

PUBG's latest patch 14.2 is now live and brings a new weapon to Taego, new action and a brand new creature we're not sure why it took so long to appear in the game.

New weapon: Mortar

Easy to use but hard to get right, the new Taego weapon Mortar will require some math to get right. You'll have to calculate the distance to the target, as well as anticipate their movement, but once you get used to it, you'll be able to use it for attacks from behind moraines where grenades just aren't doing the trick.

Krafton PUBG - New weapon: Mortar PUBG - New weapon: Mortar

New feature: DBNO Swimming

Improving the survivability of players everywhere with DBNO Swimming. The new mechanic will do away with instant death if a player enters DBNO while in the water. Instead, the player will enter Swimming DBNO, a slow swimming state which gives the player a chance to reach the shore and be granted a fresh start by loyal teammates.

New creature: Chicken

A longtime mascot of the game, the Chicken is now available in Taego. The new creature will have three different conditions: calm, fear and death. Chickens will fly in fear when they hear punching, footsteps, gunshots, engine and exhaust sounds, and other creatures die.

Custom Matches

Five new Taego areas are now available in the Team Deathmatch preset in Custom Matches:

  • Palace
  • Field
  • Market
  • Mountain
  • Shipyard

Full patch notes and more details about PUBG Update 14.2.

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