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Psychonauts 2 not coming in 2018

Published: 08:25, 23 December 2017
Psychonauts 2

After perhaps a bit overly ambitious initial announcement, Double Fine Productions corrected themselves and announced that Psychonauts 2, sequel to the company’s cult classic, is not coming in 2018. In return for this bitter disappointment, they posted a video showing the game’s progress, in-game footage and future gifts for their backers.

The company is refraining from giving out a new launch date, for fear of becoming The Dev That Cried Launch, so instead, they’re taking their time to do it right. The initial projections of a 2018 launch were made not having the size and scope of the game in mind, something Double Fine Productions obviously isn’t keen on repeating.

Double Fine Productions Sketches of in-game characters Psychonauts 2: Aquato Family

There’s a silver lining though, Double Fine says the team has now “ramped up into full production mode!”. In fact, as much as five full level teams are taking care of “real world locations and brand new mental worlds” whereas the gameplay team is handling powers, platforming, puzzles and combat.

Double Fine Productions Sketches of in-game characters Psychonauts 2: Aquato Family

Double Fine Productions also posted a video dubbed The Aquato Family, which will get you up to speed in terms of game’s progress in development, concept art, character design and even details on gifts reserved for the company’s backers. You may recall that Aquato is the protagonist Raz’s family name and now we know their names. The devs mentioned that the old cast will be there, with plenty of new characters thrown in the pot.

Double Fine Productions 3d models of a little girl Psychonauts 2: Frazie

You may recall that in terms of initial sales, the original game had flopped big-time, but has been steadily selling ever since, becoming a cult classic - and that’s all down to its fanatical player base. These fans, yours truly included, are one dedicated bunch and Double Fine knows that buying more time to do it right is probably the smartest thing to do.

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